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[Apocalypse] Build a Vision Goal, Practice the Duties of the Moment, Everything is the Best Arrangement!


Ability is broadened by vision, and achievement is derived from ability. Carrying the goal and practicing it in the present. Believe in the possibilities of the future! ——《CXT》

Doing good deeds without asking for reward. Blunt birds fly first, and the big ones are late. The year is in spring, and the one-day plan lies in you. The family is based on peace, and the whole life is based on diligence. ——《Zengguang Xianwen》



In the Titan galaxies, the Titan Joint Order Organization issued a letter of advice to all planets and all industry alliances within the Titans, announcing that the Titan Star 8102 Titan Interstellar Development Strategy Summit will be held in the next interstellar year (interstellar 972240).

The Titan Joint Order Organization is a joint management organization established by the people of all planets in the Titans to develop the Titans peacefully after the end of eight galaxies. As a bridge between management and communication between different planets in the Milky Way.

The Titan Interstellar Development Strategy Summit, held every 120 years, invites the ruling parties and industry leaders of the planets to participate in the strategic summit of the Titan’s overall development plan for the next 120 years.

Let us look at what people in different identities need to think about and express at the development strategy summit. Please respect and understand the difference!

1. Representatives of the galaxy’s people (usually Maslow’s level of demand):

①. physiological needs, also known as the lowest level, the most urgent needs, such as: food, water, air, sleep.
②. security needs, also belong to the lower level of demand, including things related to personal safety, life stability and freedom from suffering, threats or diseases, physical health and own property and other sense of security.
③. social needs, belong to higher-level needs, such as: the need for friendship, love and affiliation.
④. dignity needs, belong to higher-level needs, such as: achievements, reputation, status and promotion opportunities. Dignity needs both a personal feeling for achievement or self-worth, as well as recognition and respect for others.
⑤. self-realization needs, is the highest level of demand, including the demand for the real, good, beautiful and high life realm, so the first four requirements can be met, the highest level of demand can be produced one after another, is a derivative demand, such as: self Realize, realize potential and so on.

2. Industry leaders and organizations:

①. Meet more friends and leading figures, broaden resources and increase exposure.
②. Acquire the support of the people, the political and financial circles, and promote the development of the entire industry.
③. Cross-industry seeking the transformation and breakthrough of the entire industry! Reach the cooperation within the industry between the stars in the galaxy and maintain the order of the industry. ,
④. At the summit, a number of industries jointly studied and discussed the future direction of the industry and worked together to determine the overall industry prospects and planning goals.

3. The ruling parties of each planet:

①. According to the total strategy of the galaxy and the planning report of the galaxy industry development, constantly adjust the planetary strategy and improve the voice and influence of the planet in the Titan.
②. Handle some things that cannot be achieved in daily planetary communication. (some things that need to be supervised or require pressure from the entire galaxy)
③. How each planet achieves cooperation and win-win, promotes the internal stability of its own planet, and seeks new development strategies and opportunities for the planet throughout the summit.

4. Titan Joint Order Organization:

①. Balance the overall strategy of the galaxy and maintain the stable development of the galaxy. Solve internal conflicts in the galaxy, maintain galaxies peace, and promote inter-satellite normal communication.
②. Achieve equality between humans in the entire galaxy and promote the common development and prosperity of the galaxy, regardless of the environment, region, ethnicity and religion in which it is pursued by the Titan Joint Order Organization.

After the Summit

Representatives of the galaxy’s citizens expressed their needs and gained more rights to the people of the galaxy.

Different industries have established new cooperative relationships, resources have been continuously expanded, and they have been rapidly developed by the people, political circles, and the financial community.

At the summit, each ruling party of the planet adjusted its own development strategy of the planet according to the overall strategy and industry development planning information, and promoted the development of its own planet.

The entire galaxy has built a peaceful development environment, while solving some of the remaining conflict issues, and customizing the overall strategy for the development of the entire 120 galaxy years in the future.

Through the summit, the cooperation between the whole galaxy, all kinds of industries and different planets will be further ensured, and the whole galaxies can develop steadily.

Vision Goal

We can see through the long fable story above. Where a person sits is often determined by the angle and scope of his thinking.

The public hopes to improve their living standards, the industry hopes to promote development, the country creates its own opportunities and strategies, the Titan joint organization stabilizes the galaxy order and maintains the peaceful development of the galaxy!

Everyone, every identity. They are all doing their best with the best efforts and responsibilities of the moment, bringing together to promote the advancement of galaxies and civilizations!

Different vision goals and position of identity will spur you and continue to move toward the goal. He determines your ceiling. How big is the vision, how big the world stage is!

Vision Goal = Give Hope

When you are lost in the sea, the vision is like the light from the lighthouse, guiding you forward.

When you are confused and overwhelmed, the vision is like the ardent care of your parents, warming your heart.

Vision Goal = Clear Values

For individuals and businesses, the vision aims to articulate the values ​​of the setters (individual/senior management).

Values ​​are the mission and vision for development, and the guiding methods on the way forward are the ways and means of doing things.

Vision Goal = Action

Like a drought-ridden land, the vision is like a shower that nourishes the heart, bringing life and hope, giving you the motivation to go to action and achieve your goals!

Ability is derived from vision, and achievement is derived from ability!

Your abilities will be broad and powerful by vision! How big is the vision and how big is the ability!

Your achievements will be crowned by your abilities! How big is the ability, how big is the achievement!

Live in the present, down to earth, meet the possibilities of the future

status quo

Many people often encounter such a thing: “If I did what I did, what will happen now!”

“If you learned what skills you learned last year, you can make great achievements today!”


Everything must be done early, and things must be deployed at the beginning.

Live in the present! Do your best to do the things in your hands. down to earth! Make a good foundation and do something worthwhile in your hands.

Doing good deeds without asking for reward! Actively meet the future possibilities! Good at seizing the opportunity, only the basic ability has been paved, and then you can take a qualitative leap in the east wind!

Alert reader

As long as you don’t have to remember your past age, please always look forward to the future.

Don’t regret it after making a choice! If something goes wrong, go find a solution. When you solve the problem and look back, all the past will be a small matter.

Everything is the best arrangement!

Day and night are accompanied. Happiness and misfortune coexist. When things develop to the extreme, they will develop in the opposite direction!

The two opposites of things always come together; Sayong loses his horse and knows what is not; when things develop to one extreme, they change in the other direction.

Everything in the world is endless, and the laws of the universe are ups and downs.

As a whole, the whole world will always move in a beautiful direction.

When you are in a high position, you should not be proud. You should be self-reflecting on a daily basis, and how to seek change and development.

When you are in the low valley, don’t sink, please believe that a good life has arrived, just keep it for a while!

I used to travel across time and space, traversing the long history of the universe, and finally found that everything in the universe is so beautiful.

At this moment, I just hope that this blog post can help more people build their vision goals and practice their current life responsibilities. Whether you are in a low or high peak, you can help you think about this problem and make changes.

These answers represent some of the conclusions I have thought during the 25-year-old period. Because of the different experiences between people, this means that it is not necessarily objective, and I will continually amend these explanations and opinions in the future.

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[Apocalypse] Build a Vision Goal, Practice the Duties of the Moment, Everything is the Best Arrangement!